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Functional Medicine - Medicine of  Tomorrow
We Help You
Feel Better!  Live Better!



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Medically trained, Naturally oriented!

Tulip Integrative Health Center is where we share one goal, Your wellbeing!

Our mission is to inspire individuals into becoming whole with themselves, as we know when people

feel good,  do good.

Our priority is to support the community in the effort to build a healthier and stronger people.

To achieve these goals we are proud of offering

"Functional  Medicine",  Medicine  of  Tomorrow!

The Tulip Integrative Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic that provides a wide variety of services to assist you in achieving optimal health and well-being.

Our Practitioners are Experienced enough to be Inspirational, and  Mature enough to be Thoughtful.
Our holistic approach to healthcare let the patient

regain the control of their health and they feel their wellbeing again.

We provide help to patients from all walks of life.


Our services include but not limited to :

Functional lab tests, Naturopathic Doctor,  Pain and Fatigue assessment, Nutritional concerns, Diet counselling and Weight management (Weight loss, Weight Gain), Psychotherapist and counselling, Holistic nutritionist, Registered acupuncturist, General Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Registered Social worker services, Mood, Stress and Mental health concerns, Counselling approach, Chiropractor services, Musculoskeletal pain, Low back and neck pain, Joint pain, Knee pain, Elbow pain,  Repetitive strain injuries, Pre & Post surgical rehabilitation, Chiropodist services, Foot pain and toenail issues, Registered massage therapy,  Fatigue and muscle tension relief , Aesthetics and mood & Body natural rejuvenation, Naturopathic services include Skin Health, Skin issues and hair loss, Women issues, Weight Management, Hormonal imbalance, Metabolic Syndrome, High Cholesterol, Prediabetes and Diabetes, Digestive disorders, circulatory problems, , nutritional concerns  .

* * * * * * *

Many of our services are covered entirely or in part by most private insurance companies. Ask your insurance company.

Call us if your issue is not listed above! We most likely can help!



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